Health Monitor is based on emission spectroscopy in the visible wavelength range of glow discharge. This principle does not affect the environment or living creatures in any way. The device does not need to be medically certified, and has a wide range of use cases.

The sensor is insensitive to the presence of water vapor (for example in the exhaled air). It has a high spectral and sensor selectivity that allow it to cover many poisoning and toxic impurities in the air. In addition, the spectral range covers almost all biomarkers in the exhaled air that are extremely interesting for medical applications.

Interview with S.N. Atutov
Health Monitor - the world's first device for non invasive diagnosis of lung cancer, stomach ulcers and diabetes
Measuring systems for determining the qualitative and quantitative concentration of traces of atoms and molecules in the atmospheric air are important for a wide range of human activities:
Ecology and environmental protection: monitoring and control of atmospheric pollution
Chemical-technological processes which are associated with the use or production of gases
Public safety: timely detection of explosive and dangerous substances in places of large concentrations of people (railway stations, airports, etc.)
An unlimited number of analyses allows the HM to be used as a vending machine (in supermarkets, airports, railway stations, etc.). The widening of the database will be followed by the software update. The device does not need upgrading due to its versatility.
It is now known that the normal exhalation of a person is a complex mixture of about 600 volatile compounds. Therefore, there is already plenty of data confirming the relationship of a number of gaseous compounds with some pathological processes in the human body and the possibility of using them as biomarkers for the diagnosis of diseases. Existing devices have a number of drawbacks: they are highly specialized and work with one or more of the substances being tested, similar to their properties. In addition, the technologies for their manufacture are too expensive and difficult to produce, as well as difficult and inconvenient for their operation. All of these disadvantages limit their practical use and mass implementation.
The result of every analysis is a specter of a particular gas
Every specter is unique and is easily recognizable. Using this method, specters of the following gases were gathered :
Acetone (propanone), Ammonia, Argon, Butylamine, Carbon dioxide, Carbon tetrachloride, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ethanol (ethyl alcohol), Helium, Hydrogen peroxide, Isobutane (methylpropane), Isopropanol (isopropyl alcohol), Mercury, Methane, Methanol (methyl alcohol), Nitric Oxide, Radon, Toluene, Xenon

The amount of gases analyzed by the device is not limited; works are currently taking place on the registration of new specters and adding them to the database.

The Health Monitor App allows any user to easily monitor their state of health. The interface works on all platforms and is synchronized with accounts on different types of devices. Depending on the results of the analysis, the application sends a request to your doctor, allowing you to track your health status remotely and send the necessary recipes and recommendations to your private account, tracking and storing all indicators and analysis data.
Each user has a code for uncontrolled access to the app, which is displayed on the labels.

In case of emergency (loss of consciousness or deterioration of well-being), anyone can access the app.

The app contains all necessary information: blood group, Rh factor, height, weight, chronic diseases, the telephone number of the treating doctor, and relatives' numbers.
Muller Ekaterina
Atutov Sergey
Head of vending business
Creator of the Health Monitor
Ph.D. on Helium-Neon Laser
& Magnetic Field
Maxim Dvedenidov
Olga Serbinenko
Mauro Biasolo
The chief communications officer (CCO)
A Health Monitor's work is based on emission spectroscopy in the visible range of the glow discharge's wavelengths. The usage of an ultra-high vacuum or cryogenic temperature is not required. The sensor is indifferent to the water steams presence in exhaled air, possessing a high spectral selectance.

Health Monitor is an electrical accessory which is to be used with 12V direct current nominal voltage (inclusive). In case of an instrument's failure, the voltage (on condition the circuit is broken) multiplied by the measured current (which is meant to flow through the circuit with the possible defect) is no more than 15 volt-ampere.

The monitor is constructed with non-toxic materials, sans the ionization radiation. The device is isolated with no impact on the environment, as well as on the vital activity of any organism.

Using the device to discover explosive and poisonous materials is practicable once the Health Monitor is upgraded. Currently, the construction is meant to be used for pretty small air inlets. As for the other parameters, the device nicely fits all the sorts of air environments due to the characteristics mentioned above.
The presence of a certain number of gases in the exhaled air is an indicator and does not provide a complete substitute for any invasive exploration under the doctor's supervision. It is desirable to refer to a doctor with medical test results if necessary.

Blood sugar level diagnosis does have a negligible measure inaccuracy, though appears to be a more precise indicator as opposed to a capillary blood draw.

The patent for this development was registered in the Russian Federation. «METHOD OF MONITORING ACETONE LOW IMPURITIES IN THE EXPIRED AIR AND DEVICE FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATION» RU 2597943 (C1) 2015-07-15.


Clinical trials of Health Monitor were conducted in an independent laboratory in Japan. Measurements were conducted with three types of patients: Type 1 diabetes for about 10 years, early stages of Type 1 diabetes, and conditionally healthy patients. The results show that the breath acetone level measured by Health monitor linearly depends on the amount of the blood glucose concentration of all persons examined. READ MORE
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