We are the manufacturer of a high-tech gas analyzing device that uses emission spectroscopy technology in the visible range of glow discharge. Our engineers have created a unique machine for the primary detection of disease.
The first initiatives of breath analysis for determining the physiological state of humans originated during the time of Hippocrates (460-370 BC), when the ancient Greek physicians realized that some diseases could be diagnosed from the characteristic odor of patients' breath and knew that the human breath might provide sound information on health conditions

Сейчас существует огромное количество способов анализа выдыхаемого воздуха. Однако Existing technologies have several disadvantages:

- High-pressure gas-tank
- The presence of cryogenic temperatures and ultrahigh vacuum
- Laboratory laser systems

In addion, these devices are too expensive and difficult to manufacture. All these shortcomings limit their practical use and mass implementaon.
ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst exhales into an ultra-sensitive gas analyzer for the Airway Monitoring investigation.