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The purpose of the project is to collect investments in amount of at least $ 500 000 for the installation of 70 Health Monitor vending machines in the most visited airports and shopping centers of the European Union.

Certification according to the rules of the Eurozone and the manufacturing of the devices will take 12 months. At this time, the best places to host vending Health Monitors will be prepared.
Vending business based on innovative healthcare device
Business model of Health Monitor is based on creating a vending machines network in
EU. Health monitor vending machines will help people check their health in only 5 minutes while waiting for the flight for example. Health Monitor vending machine will be in every large airport, shopping malls and other public places in EU. Any passing
person will be able to get checked his health for diabetes, stomach ulcer and lung cancer symptoms.

With a 30 tested people per day (on the average), the payback period of equipment, taking into account the monitor and the protective case with bill acceptor, will be about 2 months
$5 – recommended price for a single test.

Daily attendance for shopping center in average – 60 000 people/day.
500-1000 dollars – average tablet computer cost
A cost of a ready-to-use vending machine of this kind, constructed in Czech Republic, with a 13'' touchscreen display is 5570 US dollars.
A Health monitor's work is based on emission spectroscopy in the visible range of the glow discharge's wavelengths. The usage of an ultra-high vacuum or cryogenic temperature is not required. The sensor is indifferent to the water steams presence in an exhaled air and possesses a high spectral selectance.

Health monitor is an electrical accessory, which is to be used with 12V direct current nominal voltage (inclusive). In case of instrument's failure, voltage (on condition the circuit is broken), multiplied by measured current (which is meant to flow through the circuit with the possible defect) is not more than 15 volt-ampere.

The monitor is constructed of non-toxic materials, sans the ionization radiation. The device is isolated with no impact on the environment, as well as on the vital activity of any organism.

Device usage for the sakes of finding out an explosive, and poisonous materials is practicable, once the Health monitor is upgraded. Nowadays construction is meant to be used for pretty small air inlet. As for the other parameters, the device nicely fits to all the sorts of air environment, by virtue of characteristics, mentioned above.
The presence of the certain number of gases in an exhaled air is an indicator and does not provide a complete substitute for any invasive exploration under the doctor's supervision. It's desirable to refer to a doctor with a medical test results, if necessary.

Blood sugar level diagnosis does have a negligible measure inaccuracy, though appears to be more precise indicator, opposed to capillary blood draw.

The patent for this development was registered in the Russian Federation. «METHOD OF MONITORING ACETONE LOW IMPURITIES IN THE EXPIRED AIR AND DEVICE FOR ITS IMPLEMENTATION» RU 2597943 (C1) 2015-07-15.


Clinical trials of Health monitor were conducted in an independent laboratory in Japan. Measurements were conducted with three types of patients: Type 1 diabetes for about 10 years, early stages of type 1 diabetes, and conditionally healthy patients. The results shows that the breath acetone level measured by Health monitor linearly depends on the amount of the blood glucose concentration of all persons examined. READ MORE
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