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Health Monitor vending machine conducts a quick test on different diseases by measuring concentrations of gases in the exhaled air.
To start the test, a customer should insert the amount of money into the bill acceptor.
After payment, a customer must take a personal straw and insert it into the corresponding hole in the device.
During the test, the device will ask the customer to blow strongly into a straw for less than 10 seconds.
In a few seconds Health Monitor finishes the measurements and the results can be shown on the screen or sent to the customer's email address or printed on the receipt. the customer can choose the best way to save the result for himself.
Health Monitor vending machine is connected to the internet and can be monitored and calibrated remotely. Health Monitor vending machine operates from a network of standard voltage 220 volts AC. Vending machine does not affect customers, there is no radio, microwave or X-rays emission inside. The vending machine is made of inert materials, does not contain any toxic substances.
Our vending machine is made up of those components:
    Health monitor device
    Bill acceptor
    Receipt printer
    Microcomputer Rasberry PI
    Power supply
    Health monitor technology is very versatile: the small device (and the related software) can be:
    a) installed in a vending machine to sell tests publicly
    b) used for private uses
    While we are actively operating in EU and Russia (we have raised around $600k to create in this area a machine network and we will be managing all the operations by ourselves) we are actively searching for partners in other countries. We are looking for local entrepreneurs with the commitment and ability to install our machines, help with promotion and perform daily activities. So far, we have identified two ways to collaborate:

    the initial tag price is $5700 per unit. This cost covers a working vending machine (hardware + software) and the related 3 years warranty. The current software version detects 5 different diseases: for a $1000 per year maintenance you can count on monthly (normally) software updates.

    That software updates not only fix bugs but will also enhance health monitor capabilities: the ability to detect further gases/diseases will mostly depend on the software. In 2018, for example, we plan to add further 8 gases to our current list.
    and sharing part of the revenues: under our franchise term you will get a 1200 discount (downing price to $4500) but you'll share the 10% revenues with us for the following 5 years. During this time, you will benefit from our software updates and unlimited maintenance. The test costs will vary based on the location: nonetheless, we have identified a sort of pricing list (it's just a tentative price list based on our tests/research):

    1. Russia - € 1.4;
    2. The euro area - € 5;
    3. Czech Republic - € 2;
    4. India - € 1;
    5. China - € 2;
    6. USA - € 4.
    Address: Siberian Giant, Berdskoye Shosse, 277, Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya oblast', 630058
    First installed vending machine
    The Health Monitor device is made up of components that we get from:

    1. Russia: at our laboratory, we produce two main components and the related software. Our research center in Novosibirsk is constantly supporting our efforts. Our scientists' team keep growing (you can learn more here)
    2. USA: the most expensive part is currently bought in the States. We are working on developing the same technology in Russia.
    3. China: the rest of components are typical electronic spare parts commonly produced in China
    All those parts will be available in our warehouses in Czech and Russia. Due to their limited size, we can easily send them worldwide with a short delay. To replace them, will require a basic knowledge of electric/electronic devices. In case you opt for the deal b) we will provide spare parts in the number of 15% of your Health Monitor batch. If you are located a long distance from us, we can deal to cooperate with a third party maintenance company.
    A Health monitor's work is based on emission spectroscopy in the visible range of the glow discharge wavelengths. The usage of an ultra-high vacuum or cryogenic temperature is not required. The sensor is indifferent to the water steams presence in an exhaled air and possesses a high spectral selecting.

    Health monitor is an electrical accessory, which is to be used with 12V direct current nominal voltage (inclusive). In case of instrument's failure, voltage (on condition the circuit is broken), multiplied by measured current (which is meant to flow through the circuit with the possible defect) is not more than 15 volt-ampere. The monitor is constructed of non-toxic materials, sans the ionization radiation. The device is isolated with no impact on the environment, as well as on the vital activity of an organism. Device usage for the sakes of finding out an explosive, and poisonous materials is practicable, once the Health monitor is upgraded. Nowadays construction is meant to be used for pretty small air inlet. As for the other parameters, the device nicely fits all the sorts of air environment, by virtue of characteristics, mentioned above.
    Health monitor can be classified as a medical device conditionally. Medical certification usually takes several years, we have not yet begun this process, since the development of the Health Monitor was completed in late 2017. Therefore Heath Monitor cannot be used by medical professionals as it is classified as an electrical appliance and is subject to CISPR 24 \ EN 55024 certification. But it perfectly suits as a vending machine!. It does serve solely as an indicator of the need to contact attending physician for a follow-up examination. Therefore, the device effectively deals with the problem of punctual medical diagnosis.The presence of the certain number of gases in an exhaled air is an indicator and does not provide a complete substitute for any invasive exploration under the doctor's supervision. It's desirable to refer to a doctor with medical test results, if necessary. Blood sugar level diagnosis does have a negligible measure inaccuracy, though appears to be a more precise indicator, opposed to a capillary blood draw.
    Daily tasks will include:

    1. Collecting cash
    2. Replacing cans
    3. Checking internet connection
    For those activities, you can easily sign a maintenance contract with a company specialized in the vending machine field. All in all, you won't need any specialized technician to run Health Monitor business since we will take care of the most complicated issues.
    We are aware that doing business differs a lot based on geography, so we are not fixed on the above framework. We are opened to negotiation and, also, to sign deals on different terms. That said, we need a strong partner who can support our growth and can guide us locally.
    Thank you for your interest. Please complete the form below to receive more information
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